NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver preview special: WWE’s The Bump, April 7, 2021
Triple H and Shawn Michaels join the show for an in-depth preview of NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver. Also, looking ahead to two nights of NXT TakeOver, Raquel González, Karrion Kross & Scarlett, Adam Cole and LA Knight stop by before their high-profile matches, and even Izzy joins the crew to offer her take on the most monumental NXT TakeOver yet! Presented by Papa John’s.
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  • Inés Maria
    Inés Maria


  • King Higgins
    King Higgins

    This is like Reggae sumfest In terms of a two show

  • King Higgins
    King Higgins

    The ring general Will win

  • King Higgins
    King Higgins

    Kusda will win

  • King Higgins
    King Higgins

    Rey Mysterio is the king of cruiser weights

  • King Higgins
    King Higgins

    Razor Ramon Versus Shawn Michaels That's what Devlin And the Santos remind me Devlin Will win The cruiser weight championship

  • King Higgins
    King Higgins

    Killer cross New NXT champion One of Dangerous Wrestlers In Wrestling today The smoke show scarlet Angela the doom NXT power couple

  • King Higgins
    King Higgins

    Raquel Gonzalez Future NXT women's champion and the future is Now Good luck Finding challengers big mami Cole love you

  • King Higgins
    King Higgins

    Grizzle young veteran New NXT tag team champions

  • King Higgins
    King Higgins

    Read will win

  • King Higgins
    King Higgins

    NXT takeover is NXT is wrestlemania

  • King Higgins
    King Higgins

    Black heart and Moon Retain The NXT women's tag teams championship

  • King Higgins
    King Higgins

    Eli Drake Is a Load Mouth punk

  • King Higgins
    King Higgins

    Adam Cole Wins Kyle o'reilly Is A Weak link But This reminds me of the Unsanctioned match Triple H versus Shawn Michaels

  • Warcorpse'sMissingSixPack

    Who else is excited that HBK is growing his hair back?

  • Janai Hamilton
    Janai Hamilton


  • Spatino101

    L - A - Knight!

  • Wasim Hussain
    Wasim Hussain


  • StormHaven720

    LA Knight was a highlight in this episode and nowhere near “stale.”

  • Jerico Dioquino
    Jerico Dioquino


  • shahin mehrjo
    shahin mehrjo




  • You tube Waaha Waaha
    You tube Waaha Waaha

    0:08 Play at 0.25x speed 😂😂

  • Dquan IsSavage
    Dquan IsSavage

    Awesome WWE The Bump Episode Showing Today WWE,This Was Truly Legendary Man!!🙌🙌😎🐐🐐🐐🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Anil punj
    Anil punj

    Shawn Michaels hair grow

  • Shirin Omar
    Shirin Omar


  • Shirin Omar
    Shirin Omar


  • MIHIR-Cod Gameplay and Tips
    MIHIR-Cod Gameplay and Tips

    I want to feed my dog a pedigree By HHH

  • Prabhath Wanninayaka
    Prabhath Wanninayaka

    C@;lollipol" O

  • Musa Adam
    Musa Adam


  • AJGS_official


  • AJGS_official

    @ajgs_official channel subscribe all frds

  • Midnight Carnage
    Midnight Carnage

    Shawn Michaels Return Confirmed

  • Angela R. Green Art
    Angela R. Green Art

    I just started watching The BUMO. I thought it would be a boring show, but you keep it lit up in here!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥My favorite is Evan. He's a trp!!! 😂

  • Grisna official
    Grisna official

    The bump

  • Jackie Priest
    Jackie Priest

    "I think I heard you say something about manipulating a joint?" - Matt Riddle

    • Caine Te Whare
      Caine Te Whare


  • Turan Novruzov
    Turan Novruzov

    Scarlett making me act up

  • Victor X
    Victor X

    I will be watching NWA Powerrr instead.

    • Miguel Swagero
      Miguel Swagero

      Pretty sure you can watch both with no issue.

  • Enrique Sanabria
    Enrique Sanabria

    WWE is really fd up for taking the Network away from only the United States. I've supported the network since day 1 I will never support Peacock. F WWE and F Peacock.

  • JoseCiriloRuiz Jimenez Ruiz
    JoseCiriloRuiz Jimenez Ruiz


  • Marvel Legends UK
    Marvel Legends UK

    She murdered that Papa Johns promo 😬😬

  • August Morris
    August Morris

    Team candice lerea

  • harryjoe223

    D Generation X den den den den nenen denden D Generation X.


    I'll be ready to see that nxt takeover stand and deliver starts later on tonight at 8pm for night one And tomorrow night for night two U know its gonna be off the chain Let's go Its wrestlemania week folks

  • Andrew McIntyre
    Andrew McIntyre

    I’m excited!

  • harryjoe223

    Hbk would b bruce willis with hair the 1st die hard movie. N triple h mill.gibson.

  • btsandkingdomhearts 1
    btsandkingdomhearts 1


  • Geoffrey Willemsen
    Geoffrey Willemsen

    Ryan Give me LEON RUFF why am I shouting Me 😅😅😂😂 & I feel like what’s gonna happen in the match between Adam and Kyle

  • leochard Silva Santos
    leochard Silva Santos

    Ronda rausy

  • Martin William Paul
    Martin William Paul

    1:15 - what's the name of the song please anyone lemme know 😭

    • Martin William Paul
      Martin William Paul

      @E-Man can this be found on Spotify? ?

    • E-Man

      @Martin William Paul it's not on IRbin, I just checked, I shazammed it. Download shazaam maybe ?

    • Martin William Paul
      Martin William Paul

      @E-Man man I've searched on IRbin, but the song never pops out! ... please could you send me the link of the song! Thank you. And Jesus bless you 😊

    • E-Man

      "Cali soul" by Sool

  • Shawn Sinclair
    Shawn Sinclair

    WWE should use Izzy More Now.

    • Taylor Swift and her CABBAGE HAT
      Taylor Swift and her CABBAGE HAT

      I’m with ya on that! She’s really good!

    • Mertaranta

      I realize she's 13 but she's natural for this business. Analyst or a wrestler. Incredible.

  • travis januszkiewicz
    travis januszkiewicz

    Triple hhh u scread of the undertacker an kane

    • Martin William Paul
      Martin William Paul

      1:15 - please lemme know the name of the song??😭

  • نايف التميمي
    نايف التميمي

    ❤️زين ❤️

  • Brandon Carpenter
    Brandon Carpenter

    I miss the WWF. This decade needs ATTITUDE!

    • Suyash Sharma
      Suyash Sharma

      Watch Ciampa vs Walter. Those guys have the most authentic attitude

    • Martin William Paul
      Martin William Paul

      Brother 1:15 - please lemme know the name of the song😭😭

  • Pradeep Naidu
    Pradeep Naidu

    worst ever participants, I dont understand how ppl are following this and how WWE is still running, why is the company not able to create wrestlers like the yesteryears

  • Phehello Mashilo
    Phehello Mashilo


  • Paulo Alanis
    Paulo Alanis


  • Matthew Sanchez
    Matthew Sanchez

    I want to see Kyle o Riley vs Adam in a Street fight

    • Matthew Sanchez
      Matthew Sanchez

      I wanna see undisputed nxt cruiserweight championship ladder match and Dexter lumis become North American championship for the first-time

  • jayant gaming
    jayant gaming

    I love this streams

  • Tei'Zhan McFall
    Tei'Zhan McFall

    Tonight is going to be a Hell of a 🌃 at NXT Takeover Stand and Deliver tonight only on The USA network and The WWE Network and on 🦚 and tomorrow 🌃 only on The WWE Network and on 🦚.

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson

    I am a wrestling fan but I have only ever watched full episodes of NXT like a dozen times. I'm going to watch a bunch of NXT this week.

    • Smark Slowplay
      Smark Slowplay

      Takeovers were always excellent

  • Vikingteez


  • 🔥LITT🔥


  • Money Mark
    Money Mark

    1:51:10 My Boy got cricket Wireless His Quality 140 lol

  • Matthew Sanchez
    Matthew Sanchez

    With dx members and better enimes showstopper Mr wrestlemania and hbk Shawn Michael's and the game and the king of kings hhh.

  • Ramesh nayakar Ramesh nayakar
    Ramesh nayakar Ramesh nayakar

    Did you know in wrestle mania triple H played more matches but he loss all the matches But Shaun Michael is the Mr . Wrestle mania

  • Raymond Ross
    Raymond Ross

    Mmm la knights buns 🍑

  • Athing Ningshen
    Athing Ningshen

    This is one off my favorite😍😍😍 entertainment channel 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Giorgia Simeoni
    Giorgia Simeoni

    I love all interviews with all amazing NXT Superstars and i like soo much see Finn Bàlor and Io Shirai in this amazing interview and i can't wait to see tonight NXT Takeover Stand and Deliver Night one and i can't wait to see tomorrow night the second night of NXT Takeover Stand and Deliver 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    WWE emotoion to me❤️

  • justin fleming
    justin fleming

    i feel sorry for io

  • CollenPlayz

    I live raw more than nxt or smackdown is my favourite

  • Mohammed Ahmed
    Mohammed Ahmed


  • just Ghost
    just Ghost

    Hi everyone

  • Randy Orton
    Randy Orton

    Takeover Stand & Deliver is going to be Amazing, I can't wait

    • Ali hasan Rizvi
      Ali hasan Rizvi

      5के के

    • Martin William Paul
      Martin William Paul

      1:15 - what's the name of the song please lemme know 😭😭

    • Ds Passabão
      Ds Passabão

      Of course, you're right.

  • Matheus Henrique
    Matheus Henrique

    Aqui é Matheus Henrique Bezerra Neves adorei muito legal

  • Fun Travel
    Fun Travel

    This is one of my favorite ❤️ entertaining channel.

    • Fun Travel
      Fun Travel

      @Miswan coz it has good content

    • Miswan

      @Fun Travel why?

    • Fun Travel
      Fun Travel

      @Miswan Thank you

    • Miswan

      there is no favorite of mine btw congratulations yes there is your favorite

  • Donatas 123
    Donatas 123

    Wow Im homeless

  • Guh Tuyfu
    Guh Tuyfu

    .I am very much looking forward to Life &

  • dinorod

    First time i was so excited for a match i couldnt sleep was shawn v bret ironman match at mania XII. Kyle v adam is in that same bracket,this war will be etched in history

  • Carol Owler
    Carol Owler

    We Are NXT 👊

  • Muhammad Waqar Ali
    Muhammad Waqar Ali

    💞💞💞😍😍😍Hmm Great Love to NXT😍😍😍😊 🙃😘 ..💞💞💞

  • Ankit marwadi
    Ankit marwadi


  • GiZ FiZ Gamer
    GiZ FiZ Gamer

    Shouldn’t this be a live stream

  • Melanie Farineau
    Melanie Farineau

    I have always love Shawn and Hunter they are completely crazy together🙃😂and in more i had a very weird of impression, there had some subtile message for me guys??🤔🙄😊I love also Adam Cole❤😊and Scarlett is truly intriguing even if she is a truly bad,bad girl👄💋💃💅!❤🇨🇦

  • Muhammad Usman
    Muhammad Usman

    Adam cole vs kileyoriley I am excited

  • MrBeast Fan
    MrBeast Fan

    "Congrats to everyone who is early and found this comment"🚀

  • Clay Williams
    Clay Williams

    I work at Papa John’s 👀

  • Patricia Pech
    Patricia Pech

    Tahmektepuedescasarconmigoandyuriel tabatajalil sashabanks cjperry Bellatwins marianavelazquezdeleon jimenasanchez djrossanasalgado erikafernandez lauragil marionreimers carolinapadron paulinagarciarobles peytonroyce WrestleMania37 la vitrina delos inmortales Bayern munich 2013

  • Seth Freakin Rollins
    Seth Freakin Rollins

    I am a lonely virgin who spends his all day posting generic and cringe comments everywhere, also my parents left me because I'm gay.

    • Daniel Tham
      Daniel Tham

      LOL. What a loser.

    • The Muiz
      The Muiz

      Hahahahahhaa 😂😂😂

    • Soul

      I’ll be gay with u

    • Benjamin Freckle
      Benjamin Freckle

      Stop spamming

  • Seth Freakin Rollins
    Seth Freakin Rollins

    Hi Everyone myself Hussein and I'm gay. Always have been, always will be, and I couldn't be any more happy, comfortable with myself and proud.

    • ناصر کصخل
      ناصر کصخل


    • CollenPlayz

      You got a point

    • Matt tess
      Matt tess

      This is the fake seth freakin rollins he only has 11 subscribers the real one has 10,000 subscribers.

    • CollenPlayz

      And why is they no live chat

    • CollenPlayz

      He is not Seth Rollins he is lying

  • Patricia Pech
    Patricia Pech

    Tahmektepuedescasarconmigoandyuriel tabatajalil sashabanks cjperry Bellatwins marianavelazquezdeleon jimenasanchez djrossanasalgado erikafernandez lauragil marionreimers carolinapadron paulinagarciarobles peytonroyce WrestleMania 37 Bayern munich 2013

  • The Dr. of Thuganomics
    The Dr. of Thuganomics


  • Zandell Moore
    Zandell Moore

    whats that song at6 the beginning

  • Kana alameri
    Kana alameri


  • One Matchless
    One Matchless

    1ero español..

  • Xmas

    Where’s Logan Paul

    • Jason Roberts
      Jason Roberts

      He's going to be at wrestlemania. Probably

  • nee fee
    nee fee

    Woah this was good

  • Chloe Bridgman
    Chloe Bridgman


    • Rooney TV
      Rooney TV


  • Benjamin Freckle
    Benjamin Freckle

    This is going to be an awesome PPV:

    • E-Man

      Except, it's on tv, and not a PPV lol.